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PRODUCTS \ LAN Products \ Print Servers \ PS-3101

Item: 3 Parallel Ports 10/100mbps Print Server
Item code: PS-3101
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Parallel Ports 10/100mbps , BNC + STP, Netware NDS,TCP/ IP, Win NT/ 95/200/XP, Linux, Unix

Dynamode is pleased to introduce a new, low cost multi-protocol Printer Server to it`s extensive range.

The PS-3101 features complete Web Based TCP/IP Setup together with support for NETBEUI and IPX (Novell) protocols for legacy applications. DHCP Client and Server is also support.


Multiple Network Protocols – TCP/IP, NetBEUI and IPX.
Multiple Network Environment – Windows Peer-to-Peer, Windows Server, Netware and Linux.
Multiple Platform – Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, DOS, Unix and Linux.
Web-Based Management.
Supports DHCP Server/Client, Auto-detection.
Supports Bi-Directional.
Fault-Tolerant Upgrade.


Support TCP/IP, IPX and NetBEUI protocols for network printing in all major network operating systems such as Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, NetWare and UNIX/Linux. 


The built-in Web server engine allows an easy and efficient approach to setup and manage Dynamode Print Server. There’s no need to learn new configuration utility, all the management can be down through the standard browser interface. A browser plug-in is provided so browser will automatically search all the Dynamode Print Server without knowing individual IP address. 


PrintSir supports DHCP server which will automatically assign unique IP address to all the workstations and print servers. PirntSir will scan and disable its own DHCP server function if there’s another DHCP server already exists on the network. A quick installation utility for Microsoft and NetWare users provides automatically configure the PrintSir and Client Purchase.

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