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Item: MIMO-XR 802.11g Cable/DSL Broadband Router
Item code: BR6004W-G2M


Suffer from Wireless deadspots in your Home or Office?
Or are you disappointed with the 'limited' WiFi connection speeds of your existing WiFi Router?
If so, Dynamode has the solution for you..

Using MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out) Wireless technology at affordable prices, Dynamode is pleased to announce the immediate avaliability of it's new range of MIMO-XR Smart Antenna Wireless solutions. Featuring not one but three high-gain antennas, the Cable/DSL Wireless solution, BR6004W-G2M allows up to 600% wireless coverage over existing 802.11g Wireless devices. Also featured in this stylish design is a full Safe&Secure(tm) SPI Firewall, Remote Management, WAN Port and 4-Port Fast Switch.

The ideal VirginMedia Broadband connectivity solution

Other features include:

SPI Safe&Secure(tm) Firewall
Easy Web-based Setup
MIMO-XR extended Wireless range*
SignalSafe(tm) WPA-2, WPA, 802.11x, WEP and MAC Filters
Ideal for VirginMedia Cable/DSL subscribers
Extensive Parental Controls and scheduling options
Port Forwarding, DMZ and Port Trigger functionality
4-Port Fast Switch
Stylish Design

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