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PRODUCTS \ LAN Products \ Routers \ R-ADSL-C4-2

Item: 4-Port ADSL2+ Router Modem
Item code: R-ADSL-C4-2
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The new and improved R-ADSL-C4-2 is a feature rich ADSL2+ Modem ready for the next generation of Internet standards with up to a maximum Internet connection speed of 24Mbps download speed and up to 1Mbps upload speed.
Features Safe&Secure(tm) together with advanced features never seen at this low price point. Read on!


ADSL2/ADSL2+ Modem
Safe&Secure(tm) SPI Hardware Firewall
Port Fowarding and DMZ facilities
Parental Control with Time Scheduling
Built-in 4-Port Fast Ethernet Switch
Easy to use Web based Setup

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