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PRODUCTS \ LAN Products \ Switches 10/100Mbps \ SW160010-R

Item: 16 Port 10/100 Switch N-Way Rackmount
Item code: SW160010-R
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The SW160010-R switches are easy to use plug and play devices with self learning capabilities for efficient data traffic routing. 


The SW160010-R switches provide dedicated fast “data pipes” on every switched port. These switches are ideal for direct 100 Mbps speed access to application Servers. In Duplex Mode, workstations can access application servers at a congestion-free 200Mbps. Multiple duplex speed conversations can take place simultaneously between servers and workstations, dramatically reducing bandwidth contentions and performance bottlenecks.


All individual SW160010-R switched ports support auto-sensing dual 10/100 speeds. These switches are ideal for use as workgroup segment switches for 10 Mbps and 100 Mps shared media hubs, central switches for 10 Mbps switches, or to provide direct connection to power users and application servers.


Dynamode products have earned a worldwide reputation for quality. The FlexHUB family products utilize state-of-the-art design and ASIC-base hardware.


Network Interface
10BaseT/100BaseTX  16 
Switch Expansion
MDX (RJ-45) 1
Switch Functions
Switch mode Store and forward
Filtering rate Line speed
Forwarding rate Line speed
Address table 1K entries
Queue Buffer 1Mb
Link / Activity 16
100/Full duplex (FDx) 16
100 Mbps 16
Dimension 273 x 166 x 43
Weight lbs/Kg 7/3.5
Safety UL, CE
Input Power 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Temperature / Humid 0°-40° / 5%-95% Non Condensing
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